Additional Services

Job Search Support
1. Self Assessment 2. CV Creation 3. Job Portal Awareness 4. Industry Knowledge 5. Job Profile Consultation 6. Interview Approach 7. Career Prospects Post Job Service
Job opportunity for Outstation Candidates with following facilities
1. Hostel and Lodging facility 2. Job Provision 3. Travelling Arrangements. 4. City Guidance
Personality Development
A life -transforming program which includes, 1. Goal Setting 2. Time Management 3. Stress Management 4. Energy Production 5. Interpersonal Skills Management 6. Focus Objective
Post Job Career Support
1. Competitive Industrial Knowledge 2. Up gradation Prospects 3. Online Support 4. Interview Coordination 5. Regular Analysis Feedback
English Speaking Course
A well designed course for students, graduates, professional and home-makers.
1. Induction 2. Introduction 3. Fundamental of sentence formation and conducting conversation 4. Interrogative skills 5. Quick Response Format 6. Dialogue delivery 7. Intense conversational exercise 8. Impression management 9. Role plays 10. Speech technique module 11. Content based test 12. Mock exercise 13. Presentation skills 14. Assessments 15. Error Rectification Module 16. Field Conversation 17. Final Assessment and Citation 18. Recognition and Reward
We provide fresh talent from different place of the country across industry to speed up there process with high dedicated and goal oriented staff.
>We conduct work shop and seminars at Education Institutes to search for a dedicated and Target oriented people and we enhance their knowledge by providing Job Search Support, by developing there communication, Personality and by Computer knowledge to manage current scenario of challenging world.
We recruit people and ensure that they should have a successful career with the company and prove there best to grow with the company.
We also ensure 100% satisfaction to our clients by prompt response and commitment of CVs within 24 hrs.